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We base our prices by square footage of property to be inspected.

Below you will find our basic price breakdown and additional service costs. 

(Additional charges such as credit card fees, pool and spa inspections, ETC are subject to change)


-Home Inspection Rates

Square feet                    Price

100-1000                        $300

1001-1200                      $350

1201-1800                      $375

1801-2500                      $450

2501-3000                      $500

3000 and above add $10 per 100 SQFT

Basic camera scope with visual and photo documents of main sewer line condition. $150

Recorded video on SD card of inspection Additional $75

If access to main line is located in crawl space, a $50-100 additional charge may be billed depending on amount of added time and difficulty of inspection.

If location of access is in a dangerous or potentially hazardous location, we will not perform a sewer scope.

-Sewer scope
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